Harley-Davidson MC Pin-up Tee-shirt

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Harley-Davidson® MC Pin-up Tee-shirt

Fabric: 100% cotton
Fit: Regular

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Ask a Question
  • Can I get this T Shirt with the logo printed on the back of the shirt? Thanks, Al

    Hi. These shirts are genuine Harley Davidson® products, HD® don't print the designs on the back of the shirt, I guess they figure most people wear a vest or jacket so the design would not be seen. However dealers do print their shop advertising on the back of the tee-shirts, these have nothing on the back.

    All the the HD® tee-shirts you see on my website are no longer in production, when they are sold there will be no more. In the future the only place you will be able to buy HD® clothing will be a at an autorized HD® dealer. Cheers Marcel