Gramophone and Typewriter Limited, Melba pedestal hardware.

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Gramophone and Typewriter Limited, Melba pedestal hardware. These parts are for the 1904 G&T black pedestal that suits the Melba gramophone, also known as the Deluxe. Full set $820.00. Individual parts of the set are also available.

Made in Australia.

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Ask a Question
  • Hello. Do you have lion heads with a ring?

    Hi. I don't have any in stock at the moment. How many were you wanting to buy?  Cheers Marcel

  • Hello, can I purchase 1 item (lion's head).? How much does it cost? Package to Moscow.

    Hi. I don't have any stock of the Lions head at the moment, I may make some more next year. I only have the drawer pull set, the door escutcheon and the Lion mouth ring, no Lion heads. I am happy to ship to Moscow. Cheers Marcel

  • Yes - we Can do the Deal. Paypal? Ralph

    Hi. You can place your order on my website and use the Paypal payment gateway. Was it the full set you were after? Cheers Marcel

  • Hello Marcel, Thank you Berry much for your answer. Its a Lot of Money. A acurate Price its a Good Idee. My Adress Ralph Potthast Lütje Weg 3 26789 Leer Germany Good day for you!

    Hi. Shipping to Germany will be $32.00. Cheers Marcel

  • Hallo and Good day. I Need for Melba Not the Lion - I Need the mittle drawer. Are that new made?How the price and shipping to germany? Best regrads Ralph

    Hi. Yes they are made by a jeweller, a very good reproduction. The part you need is that the drawer pull with backing plate, pictured between the lions? AU$198.00 plus Freight to Germany is about $36.00 I would need your full address to give an acurate price. Cheers Marcel

  • Hello, seeking just a lion’s head for the front center of the cabinet. Do you have any available?

    Hi. I am currently out of stock of the lions head, not sure when I will be getting more. Cheers Marcel

  • Hello, I'm looking for the lion heads for a "normal" G&T pedestal (for the G&T Monarch senior): can you provide it as well ? Best Dimitri

    Hi. Sorry, no I don't have them. Cheers Marcel