Replacement bar and Diamond stylus for Edison Diamond Disc record player

Replacement bar and Diamond stylus for Edison Diamond Disc record player

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Replacement bar and Diamond stylus for Edison Diamond Disc record player

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Ask a Question
  • Ref Stylus Edison. Excuse me, forget to ask yourself, if this stylus is indicated for the reproducer edison B or C for amberola 30. Thank you

    Hi. This stylus is for the Edison Diamond disc reproducer, if you go to the next page you will see the stylus for the model B and C which will suit you Amberola. Cheers Marcel

  • Good morning. Could you tell me, if you send to Spain, Barcelona CP 08445 and what would be the cost, (article stylus edison reproducer). Thank you for your attention, and I await your response. Kind regards Marcel

    Hi. To send to Spain will be AU$40.00 insured airmail. Cheers Marcel

  • Do you have an expected In Stock date? I am looking for 2 DD Stylus currently. Thank you, the Tinker

    Hi. I have two left, I can no longer order them the company stopped making them. Cheers Marcel

  • Hi, do you have an Amberola 30 Replacement bar and Diamond stylus ?

    Hi. Sorry I have sold out. Cheers Marcel

  • Hello, do you have any bars for model C ? Thank you David

    Hi David. Yes I do they are on my website. Cheers Marcel


    Hi. No I don't. Cheers Marcel

  • Hi marcel. Are these still available. Regards Ted

    Hi. Yes, I still have some in stock. Cheers Marcel

  • Hi will it fit the reproducer on a a-100 model? Thanks

    Hi. Asuming your A100 has the standard Edison reproducer attached, not a dance reproducer or Edisonic, yes it will fit. Cheers Marcel

  • Can I purchase just the diamond stylus and replace it myself?

    Hi. I don't have the diamond on it's own, only set in the bar. Cheers Marcel

  • How does one remove the old and then re-lnstall the new stylus? Does the pivoting dowel easily come off?

    Hi. There is a pin that goes through the stylus, you should be able to slide that out, then unhook the stylus from the cord that conects it to the diaphragm.Cheers Marcel

  • Edison stylus: Will this for Edison disc phono b275 and do you ship to the US?

    Hi. This stylus is for the standard Edison Diamond disc phonograph reproducer so it should suit the B275. Yes I can send to the USA. Cheers Marcel

  • On an Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph, what holds the Saphire in the stylus bar? And what does the Saphire look like? I have some Stylus bars without the Saphire. Problem is that at the current market price spending $200.00 on a machine that might only sell for $200 doesn't sound practical. In replacing the Saphire, the repair person I've contacted wants the Stylus bar without the Saphire plus $200 in exchange. So I am looking for where I can get the Sapphires and the best way to clean the epoxy? out of the stylus bar and set the new Saphire in place.

    Hi. The stylus on the Edison diamond disc is a diamond. I believe they were glued in place using thick shellac. They are a specific shape, if you make your own you may destroy your records. I think there is a fellow in the USA who sells replacement stylus, I was selling them but they got too expensive. Cheers Marcel

  • When if ever will you have stock

    Hi. So far I have had no luck getting more stock.  Cheers Marcel